Essential Process Requirements

The processing of blood plasma starts with the gentle thawing of the plasma with exact temperature maintenance and continues with the individually developed solids-liquids-separation by means of centrifugation or filtration for separating the plasma fractions.

To get the Eluat for factor IX extraction, very special filtration techniques beyond the usual standard are required.

The temperature control - and thus the vessel design and the design of the stirring elements - is a crucial point for all precipitation steps.
A design free of deadlegs is vital for a spotless cleanliness and for a prevention of any loss of valuable product solution. Not only is the safety of your product important, but also the protection of environment and staff. The statutory limits for the dosing of the precipitants must be met.


For the blood plasma fractionation different techniques are used. The central part of such plants is always the vessels used for storage, mixing, precipitation and for reaction, and from which a piping system controls the product flow. Another loop system feeds all process plants and machines with the necessary media and utilities. The solids-liquids-separation is carried out by filtration modules or centrifuges, depending on the application.

Inactivation procedures for viruses are possible either chemically or thermally, depending on the situation. Ultra-, Dia- and Nanofiltration assist in the separation of the product from the liquid phase, in change of buffer solution or in the concentration of the product solution.

Automated system

GEA Diessel provides for all important parameters to be monitored by a high-performance control system, with all processes being visualised. The control system automatically administers all parameters and records and documents all data, steps and parameters that are important to the process.

For detailed information please refer to our brochure "Complete Solutions for Process Plant / Blood Plasma".