Getting a grip on anything that flows

Process Units for free-flowing foods and beverages as well as for the household, personal care and chemical industry

Process unit: In-line blending system type DICON-B™
Process unit: In-line blending system type DICON-B™
Liquid products - in every branch of industry - are always subject to increasingly complex demands on efficiency in ever faster innovation cycles. Production systems designed to satisfy those demand need to be economic, reproduce the process exactly, and have the highest possible flexibility. This is exactly what process units from GEA Diessel offer.



For the optimum input of raw materials and output of product, GEA Diessel’s preassembled units bring together the company’s combined experience in flow technology and inline
analysis techniques. The units are assembled and tested before installation, leading to a decisive shortening of commissioning time. They are adapted to the individual situation, so
that they can be integrated seamlessly into the process.

Batch mixing systems type  DIMA™ and DI-BATCH™ 
GEA Diessel’s batch mixing equipment is principally used to ensure that the mixing of syrup base is subject to precise control. The DIMA™ and DI-BATCH™ devices convey the liquid components through pipes to the mixing tanks one after another. Theoretically, any number of components can be connected up and mixed. The equipment works on the full-hose principle, so that product losses are practically excluded.

Continuous blending systems type DICON™ and DIVA™
The DICON™ and DIVA™ components are used in the continuous blending of finished beverages but also in the household and personal care and the chemical industry. The liquid media are blended in the correct proportions in-line in the pipe. Digital regulators keep the blending proportions constant, even when the total throughput fluctuates.

Blending and carbonation system type DIMIX™
The beverage blender DIMIX™ is designed for the highly accurate continuous blending and carbonation of soft drinks. The streams of liquid are recorded by accurate flow meters
and conveyed onwards. The digital regulators ensure that the recipe values are precisely complied with. The attached saturator adds CO2 gas to the already blended beverage, and ensures that it is finely distributed and mixed homogeneously into the product.

Carbonation system type DICAR™   
Components of the DICAR™ are designed for the highly accurate continuous carbonation of soft drinks. The special injection process uses CO2 very efficiently, thus saving costs and reducing the impact on the environment. The finely effervescent distribution of the gas ensures a taste experience to tickle the palate.

Water deaeration systems  DIOX™ and VARIDOX™
The requirements for the shelf lives of beverages have been constantly tightened up over recent years. The removal of oxygen is an essential element in meeting these demands.
GEA Diessel offers just the right technical solution, depending on the limit value required and the nature of any further processing, with its DIOX™, DIOX-M™ (membrane technology) and VARIDOX™ units. Technological solutions for all modern processes.

Sugar dissolving systems type  DI-SUGAR-T™, DI-SUGAR-H™, DI-SUGAR-C™
For the manufacture of sugar syrup by the discontinuous tank dissolving process using DI-SUGAR-T™, water is held in a dissolving vessel and crystal sugar introduced into it. In the continuous process using DI-SUGAR-H™ and DI-SUGAR-C™, both components are fed into the system directly in the desired proportions, the sugar is dissolved to perfection, and if required the syrup is simultaneously pasteurised.

Stationary reception systems
Stationary reception systems for road tankers and mobile metering equipment mounted on the vehicles are available for any purpose with a variety of additional components, either in a weights and measures approved version or otherwise. These devices are based on GEA Diessel metering technology which has led the way for decades, having originally been patented in 1957, and which became a byword in breweries under the name “Diessel meter”.

CIP systems
For modern CIP (cleaning in place) and disinfection, GEA Diessel relies on the DICIP-E™ and DICIP-S™ storage tank/recycling systems, which are more economical and versatile than single use systems while offering a convincingly high standard of reliability. Tank capacities and the number of circuits can be adapted precisely to the operating conditions
and the various demands of the equipment to be cleaned.

Mobile metering units
Mobile metering units are required every day in almost all branches of wine-making, brewing and the fruit juice and soft drink industries. GEA Diessel’s DI-MOBIL™ metering equipment operates by electromagnetic flow metering (in litres) or by mass flow metering (in kg or litres) and offers the possibility of preselecting quantities, with automatic pump cut-off and an electric stop valve.